Solstice at the Equinox: Artist Soup

A great deal has been going on behind the scenes here.  Inspirations have been flooding in as quickly as the distractions have been trying to slap them away. A major milestone has been passed and I’ll be working on a posting schedule. Comments welcome on what most interest you.
Some painting happened a bit ago, but the update post did not. Belated though it is, I thought I’d share a glimpse of what some of the patrons got to enjoy for their December rewards:
I was also ever so grateful that Art Santa generously brought a new daylight balanced worklamp for my desk which has not only made eye fatigue a thing of the past, but has also extended working hours greatly in these winter months. Other gifts also included a Dremel, a heat gun, files, and various other powered and non-powered tools. Much artsy glee!

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