A long overdue update from the Creator’s Desk.

It’s been a very, very eventful month and a half.  I just hadn’t realized I had gone so long without getting my thoughts about it from a draft state to a post.  It’s been more than a little overwhelming.  With the help of my newly hired assistant, who you all know and love – the most fabulous warrior wizard around, we did record a series of video updates about the very big updates going on around here. But, wouldn’t you know… I chickened out, you guys. They were heartfelt. I choked up a couple of times. Maybe I’ll work up the nerve to post them later, but for now text is all I can muster.  So, here I go much less eloquently than I had wanted to but at least we’re getting it out of the way:  After months and months of research, preparation and hard work (about which I said nothing), MY GRANT PROPOSAL WAS ACCEPTED AND IS ALMOST FULLY FUNDED!  And… weird… I also won a business bundle from Mastin Labs that same week! I never win stuff! (Well, ok, now I can’t say that anymore.) Now I’m drowning in stuff. But it’s not stuff that makes money, it’s all about that hustle. And hustlin’ has been the name of the game. This is has definitely NOT been without it’s hiccups.  It’s been a lot of hard work, and been a huge amount of behind the scenes work.  Oddly, I have been documenting a lot of this process, but have felt awkward about posting about it. I’m trying to get my sea legs back under me in that regard.  Here’s a lovely list of what I’ve been working hard on (because we all love lists, right?):
  • I fixed the printer! Hallelujah! Epson finally put out drivers that play with Catalina and now the photo printer LIVES! That makes it so much easier to send rewards and everything else. 

  • research, budgeting, proposals, rewrites, and a LOT of meetings

  • going through a feasibility study before I could on to the main stage of the grant process (spoiler alert, I PASSED in September)

  • working with an ergonomics specialist for that side of things (see MORE meetings)

  • working with my business consultant to deep dive into the meat of rebuilding the business, MORE meetings, more rewrites, gear testing field trips, the hard job of slashing things out of the budget (boo), and finally the proposal in December

 – reworking pricing, updating price lists, updating across various systems 

  • setting up and  implementing a new CRM (the brain of the whole operation), integrating that with proofing site, payment portal, website, marketing templates, and automation

  • setting up and implementing a new client proofing site, integrating that with the CRM, payment portal, website, marketing templates, and automation.

  • THE SAGA OF THE DESK: as part of the grant, I’ve been able to get an overhaul for the home office, which includes a sit-stand desk. It’s meant having to get my old one out, coordinate freight shipping, and a lot of other things – big things – including having the whole delivery dropped off on the sidewalk.  It’s been something. It’s mostly over and I’m pretty happy with it. 

  • I’ve updated a Style Guide for branding, colors, fonts, etc to keep the look and feel of everything seamless across my entire presence (wherever possible).

  • Major website update.  I’m probably overcomplicating it. I’m anxious to get it launched.  However, it’s going to help things like the print shoppe function, as the old theme doesn’t really run properly on the current version of WordPress and the whole thing doesn’t play nicely together. On the new one, it does.

    – We’ll now be accepting Square Installments as a payment option for eligible customers, so I get paid upfront and they get more flexible payment options, and we’re all protected. I’m all for staying current. 

  • Also, on a sadder note, our beloved Beardie, Potomyr, was quite sick this month. As a combination of the fact that his previous two  “care takers” had not ever checked or treated him for parasites (very common for bearded dragons in captivity) and the onset of their winter brumation, he rapidly lost a lot of weight and stopped eating completely. I had taken him in to the vet later than planned and they treated him for one parasite, but didn’t catch the second one.  Fortunately, my mama’s intuition kicked in and knew it couldn’t be normal brumation and rushed him back to the vet after already starting to syringe feed him, eyedropper hydrate him, and supplement with calcium or he wouldn’t have made it.  Very stressful.  Very expensive.  It took a couple of weeks for him to turn around, but he’s getting back to his silly, adventurous self. The snuggles never cease. 

Really… the list goes on and on… that’s what more updates are supposed to be for. Now that I’ve finally gotten this post out of the way, I can start making little ones again. 

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